Locating address of Embassy #romania

Ann Lewin

Dear List,

I need an address for the archives in Bucaresti, Romania to get a copy of
birth certificate of my Great
Gransfather and was informed by the Embassy in Los Angeles to send a check
in the amount of $30.00
and name and date of birth. I sent it to the Embassy in Los Angeles and
they returned a letter to me saying that they need a postal money order. I
sent them the same information with a Postal Money order and received a
letter back >from Romania (in Romanian as expected) saying that they had no
information on my Great Grandfather. Letter was >from a Government official.
Don't know what to do
next (they returned the money order) but saw that people are writing
directly to archives and obtaining
information. PLEASE would someone help me by giving me the information I
need to reach someone who knows or can look up the information. Address of
archives (no matter how much they charge for
documents )would be appreciated. If you have the name of the person you
dealt with it would be even
better. I am not asking anyone to do the work ==just lend a hand in the
direction to go. I have been
working on Family Tree for 5 years now and am not very much further than
when I started. I have used
census etc. I know there are more members of the Family in the U.S. but do
not have names of parents,
siblings etc.

Names Researched: Danie ZUCKERMAN and son Bernard ZUCKERMAN and Meyer
ZUCKERMAN. All born in Romania. Bernard and Meyer were born in Iasi,

Please, any information toward research appreciated as I have hit a block

Ann Zuckerman Lewin

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