Akiva SILBER, originally from Lviv (Lemberg), moved to Botosani and Braila in Romania #romania

Jon Silver <jon@...>

I am researching my family via the movements of my grandfather, Akiva
SILBER, who came originally >from Lviv (Lemberg) in Ukraine, but left there
to take up an apprenticeship (according to our late father) as a cabinet
maker, in Botosani, Romania. We know that he and his wife came to London in
1900/1901 with five children, and had two more in London including my
father. Alec, who we believe was first-born, is believed to have been born
sometime around 1881 - since his wife Florence LEWIS was born in that year.
Harry was apparently born in 1891. Esther, our aunt, was born on 6th April
1898 in Braila, Romania (details >from Esther's UK alien card).

Akiva's wife was Leah SIMSHEN (maiden name >from our father's UK birth
certificate, but could be spelled wrongly - Akiva was down as Kevah and
signed in Yiddish). We're not sure whether they met in Romania or if she
came >from Lemberg with him.

Can anyone help? We've found lots of useful records >from Lviv including
births, marriages & deaths, but nothing much >from the Romanian end.

Kind regards,
Jon B M Silver
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