Re: Response to Translation on Galati Death Record #romania


To Rom-Sig members:

Thank you all for your prompt reply to my query re the English
translation of DOB information:

< VIRSTA - 100 ANI> The concensus is that the information indicated
the deceased was aged 100 years.

I was also cautioned by one or two replies that this is not to be
taken too literally - but I have sufficient information to establish
that she could have been at least 90+ and on her way to 100!! Truly
remarkable for that time and place.

For all of you who asked how I obtained this Record, this is the result
of my snail mail inquiry to the Romanian Archives in Bucaresti, which
was forwarded to the Galati Registrar's office and the results were
forwarded to the Romanian Consulate in Los Angeles California. The fee
was $30. >from the date of my original letter to the receipt of the
document -Sept to Feb.
it took 5 months. I was very pleased with the manner in which this was
processed. I was kept informed throughout the process.

Again, thanks again, for your wonderful support and sharing of

Beatrice Markel
Redondo Beach, California USA

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