1916 epidemic? #romania


Is anyone familiar with the period in Romania, around 1916, when there was
an epidemic and many deaths? My mother's mother and grandmother died during
this time and as she was only 3 and her father wouldn't discuss anything that
happened in Romania, I have no real factual knowledge other than what I have
been able to pick up here and there. (My mother passed away several years

I have a prayer card for the grave I was able to translate for her mother,
with no maiden name unfortunately, but with a date of death as July 19, 1916
(Romanian calendar). There is one word on it that I can't find a translation
for, though it comes up when googled so I think it might be a place: SUNTETL
OR SUNTETI. Is anyone familiar with this word? What Jewish cemeteries would
be in that area? I have checked the Romanian database on Jewishgen many
times with no results for this name. I know they were in Bucharest and my
mother's birth certificate which is hard to read does say Bucuresti.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Phyllis Simon,
New York

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