Re: Did any of your family come from Goldingen/Kuldiga? #courland #latvia

Dorothy Bernstein <dor5094@...>

Sorry for the delay, computer problems.

As for Goldingen. All I know is that on my grandfathers death certificate
(Bernard Balkin) my uncle wrote Golding as the place of birth. My aunts
oldest daughter said that her birth place reads Riga but that could have been
the only city my cousin, her daughter knew. My grandmother Leah Steinborn
Balkin came >from Tukums as did her brothers Uriah and Samuel.

Dorothy Bernstein
Delray Beach, Fl

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Subject: [courland] Did any of your family come >from Goldingen/Kuldiga?

This is a renewed but more specific plea to those of you whose families
came >from Goldingen/Kuldiga to send digital pictures of people and
documents, to write up a short little history of those who lived there
and to send it on to us. We are trying to ready the memorial corner for
the Jews of Goldingen, but we don't have enough material. Even if your
family emigrated and were not murdered in the Shoah, we are looking for
information on all the Jewish families who once lived in Goldingen. At
the least, please email us a list of names or even just surnames of our
relatives who you know lived in Goldingen. The once grand synagogue of
Goldingen will now become the city's public library and it is important
that the youngsters who use the library understand that the library was
once a synagogue for a large vibrant Jewish community; that they see
photos of the people to underline the fact that these people lived,
played and were a part of the town. There are no Jews presently living
in Kuldiga, all the former residents of 1941 having been murdered.

Please send anything you can to us at the above address.

Martha Lev-Zion

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