Re: Success in Romanian Archives #romania

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Just to clarify Sorin's comment. It was the Iasi archives themselves
that announced to us that all records were out for microfilming, and
would not be available for at least a year, or two. It did not
originate with us.

Rosanne Leeson
Sorin Goldenberg wrote:

Dear Rosanne and other Rom-Sig readers,
The difference between Transilvania archives (or by the way Bucovina -
Suceava was also part of the Austro-Hungarian empire) is that the
registration started some twenty (???) years earlier and it is more
tidy then in other parts of Romania.

I've found out that there is cooperation >from the National Archives at
Botosani, even when I've asked for documents without the knowledge of
the exact date of happening. Are they doing a perfect job ? I do not
know; more then that I am sure that by myself or a good private
researcher that gets his fee directly for me , maybe some extra effort
could be done.
Due to the fact that sometimes we seek for people that we are not 100
percent sure of their names, they do not carry family names, dates
unsure etc... sometimes it is required to assist the process. As I
live in Israel, and speak Romanian, I have no problem to phone and
check the status or clarify things.

I know of a guy in Israel who got documents >from Iasi, although
Rom-sig announced that the registers will not be available... [snip].

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