Bessarabian Cemeteries #romania

anne silverstein <etothex01@...>

My father lived with a maternal aunt and uncle, Hershel/Gershel and
Fanya HOROWITZ/GOROWITZ and their two young sons in the town of Leova
in Bessarabia >from about 1920/21 to 1925, when he emigrated to the
United States. Leova is on the east bank of the Prut River, across
from the Romanian city of Husi. (The Prut was the boundary between
Russia and Romania before WWI when Bessarabia was part of the Russian
empire.) Does anyone know where Jews >from Leova would have been buried
in the 1920s and 30s? Or where records of Jewish deaths in Leova
during those decades would have been kept? I ask because it is
possible that his aunt and uncle might have died of natural causes
before the war, in which case I would like to find the records, if they
are still extant, or maybe even the gravestones, if the cemetery still

(all spelling variants), Luchinets, Ukraine; GROSSMAN, Luchinets,
Ukraine; KOGAN (all spelling variants), Nemirov or Pechora (Pechera),
Ukraine; GREENBERG (all spelling variants), Vinitsa, Ukraine.

Anne Silverstein
St.Louis, Missouri

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