Re: Whom to believe? The elusive father of Khuna Takhman #romania


the question posed:
I have no doubt that these are my ancestors but cannot reconcile between
the different names/dates. Any suggestion?
Dr Shimon Barak, Tel Aviv, Israel.

suggestions...the name Leib can reflect a later in life name change not
accounted for in earlier documents or a personal preference for how to be
addressed. When my aunt was seriously ill as a toddler her name was changed to
'avert the evil eye' the name she went through life with would be different
than her birth record. Her children would be known as children of the name
she used as an adult then, no?

As to the record of earlier marriage it is not so surprising to not know
about it if there are no active descendants or connections to it. I have seen
reference to a widower marrying someone but there are no clues as to who wife
number one was nor whether there were any children of that relationship. In
other situations There are records of widowers with children remarrying and
having more children with the next wife. I do not think there are any firm
guidelines on this. Just because we can't find the record doesn't mean something
did not occur.

As to different dates, genealogy has taught me flexibility. My grandmother
celebrated her birthday on a day one day different than the one on record, her
father has different years of birth recorded in the 1869 census and marriage
and later documents. My impression is that time was linked to events and if a
child was born during, say Pesach, that might be when the birth is noted,
not necessarily on the specific modern calendar date.

Linda Rakoff
Newton, MAssachusetts, USA
ASCHNER-, Assakurte, Berko, Bratislava, Budapest , Hradiste, Katlo, Kosice,
Malacky, Nyitra, Spisska Nova Ves, Wien, Berlin, Beuthen/Bytom,
Breslau/Wroclaw,Brunovce, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte], Kattowitz , LIFSITZ-Galati;
GELLMAN-Kosice, GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Bolyar; Miskolc, Presov;
LOW'Y-Brezova, Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves MELTZER, PERLBINDER, LADENHEIM-- Horodenka,
Galicia, POLASCEK-Kosice, RAKOFF-Keilce,Russia, RIESENBERG- Bolygen, Horodenka,
Kasperowicz, Zaleschicki, GORDON-Moletai, WATMAN, MILLER-Lithuania, Ponemunka

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