Dorohoi and Transnistria #romania

Marcel Bratu <marcelbratu@...>

Concerning Monica Talmor estimate of the Jews deported in Transnistria in
1942 (15,000) >from Dorohoi I want to add : in 1942 lived in Dorohoi
6,500-7,000 Jews >from a total population of 14,000. One of them was my self
with my family.But many escaped deportation : -Some Jews ran away
South of Dorohoi County.-Others were operated for non urgent surgical
conditions and remained in town with their family. Among them were my father
and my sister in law and in this way we remained in Dorohoi. The surgeon of
the Comunal Hospital, Dr. Popovici, operated day and night only to acumulate
a big amount of money. It was a gossip that he bought a big ship with the
Jews money.- Some of the Jewish families obtained some "Certificates " >from
the committee incharged with the deportations ( Mayor Pascu and Pharm.
Timus ) to remain in town. This certificates were payed with a lot of
money. -And finally, thanks to Dr. Filderman, the leader of the Jews >from
Romania, who obtain the cancelation of the last group to depart, >from the
Marshal Antonescu, the chief of Romania.He convinced the Marshal that the
Dorohoi County was never in Bucovina. Therefore, >from Dorohoi left for
Transnistria much less than 7,000 local Jews. But >from Dorohoi left for
Transnistria the Jews >from the County of Dorohoi, those >from Saveni,
Mihaileni, Darabani, Mamornita, Varfu Campului, Ibanesti, etc.because only
in Dorohoi was a railroad station. Monica Talmor included in her estimation
all the Jews >from Dorohoi County who departed >from Dorohoi. I don't have
statistical data about the number of Jews who left >from Dorohoi but probably
there are. I will try to find them if I can.I think Monica is not far >from
the truth. Dr.Marcel Bratu, Hamden CT

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