Yad Vashem Database #romania

Zvi Bernhardt <central.database@...>

On Yom Hashoah, we [Yad Vashem] put up a whole new site. We did this in order to
integrate a Russian interface for the site, a very important move as we have also
started a project to collect Pages of Testimony among Russian speaking Jews. The
project is currently being carried out in the Ukraine and in Israel.

Like most new sites, the new site has bugs. We have sorted out most of the bugs,
but the site is still not as stable as the site we had before Yom Hashoah.
At this point, most of the time it works fine, but the problems described below
happens every few days. Our computer people are working hard to solve the problem
as quickly as possible.

PLEASE write us at central.database@yadvashem.org.il if you encounter technical
problems with our site. We usually aren't able to answer you quickly enough to
help you, but you help us (and yourself in the long run) by making sure we know
all the problems that exist.

Zvi Bernhardt
Yad Vashem

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