Location and correct spelling of Strashitz #romania


My grandmother's sister, Chike Ida HAMMER , on her marriage certificate to Chiem
LEVINE in 1917, listed her place of birth as Strashitz, Bukovina. My grandmother
on the 1930 US census lists her origin as Austria. It has also been listed as
Romania. WOWW has a listing for Straschitz/Strasice, but it is in the Czech
Republic and I know that my grandmother came >from somewhere in the Carpathian
Mountain area, possibly near Chernowitz. I've checked ShtetlFinder and there are
too many similar names. Can anyone identify the correct spelling and location of
Strashitz in Bukovina?

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: HAMMER; COHN (Botosani, Bucharesti, Montreal, Philadelphia);
SHANKMAN/SHENKMAN (Volyntsy, Vit. Gubernia, Riga);HANDELMAN (Shpikow/Spivak,
Ukraine); FRIDMAN (Volyntsy, Drissa, Osvei ? Belarus); ABRAMS/ABROMOWICH
(Odessa); BEAR (Bukovina);LEVINE (Kiev, Montreal);ELKAN (Tiktin, Paterson, NJ); Stern/Sterin (Shpikow/Spivak)

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