The KOFFLER family #romania

Jacob <koppler@...>

My name is Jack KOFFLER and I'm >from Israel.
I'm new to the family history research. I have some troubles because my father
isn't cooperating.
All that I know is this:
My father Romanian name is Bazil KOFFLER, and he was born in Bucharest.
They lived in Nerva Traian st. no. 42 or 46 (we don't know exactly).
His father was Jack KOFFLER born in 1892 in Bucharest. He had a restaurant
in Bucharest, which he got >from his father, But we don't know the name of
the restaurant. It was in the street named Dudesti, not far >from the restaurant
was Sinagoga Mare. My father's grandfather was Baruch KOFFLER and he was born in
Austria, we don't know where.
He was probably born in 1844 and got to Bucharest in 1848. His father was
Yosef Koffler >from Austria, and we don't know anything about him.

I also have some pictures.
I'm looking for any relatives and the connection back to Austria.
So far I have learned that the KOFFLER family probably originated in
Austria around Tyrol, but all the records >from back then are Christians.
I Don't know where and when the Jews picked up the KOFFLER name, or that
it was a Jewish name all along.
Any help is welcomed.

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