Looking for long lost relatives #romania

Sorin Goldenberg <soring0412@...>

Hi All,

I would like to know if by chance (very small) you have some knowledge
about the following people or their descendants.

All those ppl lived in Botosani, Romania (at least part of their life)

1. Hirsch sin Leib and his wife Mintsa.
Hirsch was born in 1856, probably died before 1915, was some kind of trader.
Mintsa was born in 1861, probably died before 1915. I am the
descendant of their son Iancu, latter known as Iancu Goldenberg, born
1886. My family does not know about any other childs, or any other
relatives of Hirsch and Mintsa.
2. Marcu Boingiu (Hebrew name Mordechai). He had a daughter, Golda,
born 1863, died 1942. Anyone knows Boingius or Boiangius >from Botosani
3. Azril sin Maier, tailor. Born 1852. Died 1900-1910. The husband of
Golda. Their daughter Malca-Lea was married to Iancu, and we know
about the descendants of their other children - does anyone recognize
Azril ?

Thank you,

Sorin Goldenberg

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