Re: rom-sig digest: August 13, 2006 #romania

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Sonja Lessne asked how to determine which of the several Piatras her
grandmother WEINBERG came >from in 1886. Searching the 1924/1925 Romania
Business and Organizational Directory via, and
comparing the search results, which are organized by judet, with the list of
communities on image 2169 of volume II of this directory (necessary for me
because of my lack of familiarity with Romanian geography), I find WEINBERGs
in only one Piatra, Piatra-Neamtu. This is also the only Piatra listed in
the JewishGen ShtetlMaster database of Jewish Communities at A connection to
Sonja's grandmother's family might be further suggested if her family shared
an uncommon occupation with someone listed in the directory (unfortunately,
WEINBERG is such a common surname that this could still well be

Best regards,

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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