Re: Carciumari #romania


Carciumari would probably be a pub keeper or tavern proprietor.

In Romanian, carciuma = public house, pub; tavern; saloon
The word carciumar in my dictionary = "publican " and add 'i' for
plural form
And the world carciumareasa = innkeeper (also the same word is the
plant 'zinnia')

Hope that helps, maybe others will confirm (I read passably in
Romanian, but not fluent and not a native speaker, so I rely heavily
upon the rom-eng dictionary which has "idiosyncrasies"...)

Deborah Schafer
Massachusetts, USA

I've found some possible relatives through the Roumanian Business
Directory. Their profession was 'carciumari'. Is there anyone who can
tell me what that means?

Thanks a lot,

Joke Kok,
Barendrecht, Holland

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