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Eugene Vaynshteyn <vaynshteyn@...>

My paternal grandmother's maiden name was BATUSHANSKY. Her family is >from
Alexandreni, near Balti. She and her surviving siblings lived in Balti after
WWII, but even her grandmother who died earlier and never lived in Balti was
burried there. Perhaps, that was the closest Jewish cemetery? Does anyone
know where to find a directory of Jewish cemeteries for different historical
periods? Also, the surname reflects Botosani origin (in Russian it means,
"of Botosani"), but must have been given to her ancestors who settled
elsewhere. There is an unrelated family with the same name on my mother's
side as well. Is it possible to trace them to any "wave" of Botosani
migrants and to determine the time period when they left Botosani?

Eugene Vaynshteyn
Passaic, NJ
MODERATOR NOTE: The IAJGS cemetery database is available on JewishGen. It is under
the heading "Hosted Organizations" on the JewishGen home page. Also remember to
check our own JOWBR registry.

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