Seeking assistance in Ukraine #romania

Avi K. <u.sisraeli@...>

Hi "Siggers":

Beyond seeking any information about the families of my maternal
grandmother, Zlatta (Golda) LEVITT (born 1900, in Moghilev/Moghilov Podolski
& Avraham (Avrum) DUBENKO, her husband (my grandfather), as well as about
the family of my paternal great-grandfather, Philip KLAMMER (born somewhere
in Austria-possibly, Austro-Hungary/Vienna's area/Gura-Humorului ?!?) & his
son, Solomon KLAMMER, with his wife, Cecilia (Tsipora=Tsephora) KLAMMER
(also spelled CLAMER, in Romanian), I am wondering if anyone could offer any
help with information to help me find reasonablely affordable accommodation
in the Ukraine (the little town of Dondoshani's area or, the
Moghilev/Moghilov Podolski area (Otaki; Soroki; Beltsi-in all of which, I've
had family members born & living)-perhaps (& preferably so) through the
local Jewish community (maybe, in exchange for hosting same family in the
U.S.), along with someone who'd be willing to help me enhance my
already-existing Russian skills, in searching for & researching any possibly
(hopefully!)-found archival information pertaining to my family (along with
understanding it-if necessary).

I'd appreciate any tip/advice & piece of information!

Kindly, do send your ideas directly to my personal E-Mail address (as listed
below) please.

Will be looking forward to hearing >from anyone!

Thank you, Kol Tuv U'Vrakhot Rabot+a Happy Thanks-Giving to us all,

Avishalom (Avi) Klammer
Oakland, CA

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