Warning about unscrupulous researchers! #romania

Rosanne Leeson <rdleeson@...>

Dear All,

Judging >from some email messages I have recently received
it is time for the usual warning about unrequested approaches from
individuals who claim to be professional reseachers in Romania, who see a
posting asking for information about a certain family, or town records, and
offer to help.

Due to the poor economy in Romania there are those who are desperately
seeking to increase their personal income, at your expense. The few
legitimate professionals do *not* use this approach.

Should you receive such a message volunteering services, please contact
the Co-Coordinators of this SIG *before* replying to them in any way, for
more information.

In addition, certain members of this list have been using the listings in
the JGFF to contact members and to volunteer information about a
researcher. Please be aware that this is in violation of JewishGen rules
and policy, and has been since the time the JGFF was initiated online!

Further, these are private mailing lists and it is a violation of trust
anyone to copy a message and send it off to another person, mailing list,
or website for their use. We expect all of our susbscribers to respect
the rights of others subscribed to this list.

Private responses to requests on the List are permitted, but
even those should be checked first with the Coordinators!

Remember - Caveat Emptor!
Rosanne and Paula
Your Co-Coordinators

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