Please help, lady looking for her father - RABINOVICI family from SECURENI/SOKIRYANY, BESSARABIA #romania

Avraham Y. Kahana


I'm writing on behalf of a friend, hoping I can be of any help in her
research for her father's whereabouts, after the war.
The person I'm looking for is Itzig/Ayzik/Isaac Rabinovici (and other
spellings) - >from the old BESSARABIA, city called Secureni/Sokiryany,
todays western Ukraine, in the border with Moldova (at the time of the
war, Romania).

Itzig was once married to Chana Rabinovici, giving birth to this
friend of mine, Herta, who lives in Austria. Itzig had one previous
daughter, that was shot to death. He worked in the Admont Displaced
Persons Camp (Admont DP), >from 20-MAY-1948 to 07-JUNE-1948, for the
Britischen-Militar-Regiergun (British Militar Government) as a
woodworker (?). Seems that Itzig lived for a while in Miami, after the
war - more precisely, on 08-SEPTEMBER-1952, at 944 Miami Beach 3 st.

Chana lived with Itzig in Vienna, for an undetermined period of time.

The Rabinovici couple aforementioned lived at Beheimgasse 21/5, Vienna
district number 17 (apparently, their had a previous address also in
Vienna - Rathausstrasse 20). They lived in a rented apartment, which
owner's was mrs. Erna Singer nee Spielvogel - daughter of Simon
Spielvogel, niece of David Spielvogel. The date in which they lived
might be somehow close to 18-JUNE-1948. Seems the couple also lived
for a short time in a pension, "Pohl", at Rathausgasse, Vienna. The
Rabinovici couple left Vienna in 31-JUL-1951.

Itzig's mother FREIDA/FRIDA Rabinovici had GELLMANN as her maiden name.
Itzig and Chana got married in SOKIRYANY on 17-DECEMBER-1914.

My friend says that both Itzig and Chana were born in
Secureni/Sokiryany, today's Western Ukraine, almost in the border with
Moldova - at that time, it was part of Romania, within the old
Bessarabia. There lived 4 Rabinovici families, according to her. Itzig
Meir Rabinovici was possibly born on 08-NOVEMBER-1890/1892, and Chana
on 08-AUGUST-1892. My friend tells me that this family may have lived
in a street called Trovitzka. Jacob/Yaakov Stivelman is said to
have been the family's lawyer.

Chana, nee Sossmann,/Sussmann had a brother, Michael Sossmann. Michael
visited Salzburg (Riedenburg).
One of Itzig's sons is Boris. Apparently, this son lived in either
Argentina or Brazil, and eventually moved to USA.

She tells that there's one Steven Rabinovici, living in NY, whose
father name is also Boris - is a grandson of Itzig. In London lives
Natascha Stern, one daughter of Itzig , aunt of Steven, who is in
touch with the latter. So, Boris must be my friend's halfbrother, as
Natascha her halfsister (for Itzig remarried).

PINHAS Rabinovici, Itzig's brother, had also a son named Boris
(Bentzion) who left to Bogota, COLOMBIA. This BORIS married a woman
from Yedinetz/Edineti, whose maiden name is FELBERG, and they had a
son called Samuel, who in turned married ESTER and named his son
BORIS. SAMUEL moved to Miami, US, where he lives with his family.

My friend says that, while working with the help of the HIAS, she got
a record >from Itzig and Chana Rabinovici arrival in NY, in 1951. The
recorded stated they had a son called Boris.

Follows a draft of the Rabinovici family tree in Secureni/Sokiryany:
1. Berco Rabinovici z"l, born on 1856, married to Frida nee Gellmann

1.1 Itzig Meir Rabinovici, born on 1890, married to Chana Sossmann,
born on 1892 (daughter of Sandor and Freida, nee Bojar) (it's
important to mentionn that my friend already conducted some research
and found some documents that refer to the same Itzig, but with
different birth dates, such as 1908 and 1910).
1.2 Pinhas Rabinovici, born on 1877, married to Chana Cukuruza (not
sure of the spelling), born in 1881
1.2.1 Ita Rabinovici z"l born in 1905 - she and her family were
killed in the war.
1.2.2 Bentzion (Boris) Rabinovici, born in 1907

1.3 Malco Rabinovici, born on 1865
1.3.1 Haim rabinovici, born in 1903

1.4 Aron Rabinovici, born on 1896, married to Golda, born in 1897
1.4.1 Haico Rabinovici, born in 1920
1.4.2 Wolf, born in 1922

There's one FEIGA Rabinovici which we do not know where does she fit
in the tree. It is possible that she died during the war. There are
still ENTA, born in 1916, BRANA, 1919, ETLEA, 1920, and MINDLEA, 1922,
that might have been children of Itzig and Chana as well.

I ask everyone who has any information to add to any of the facts
above to please reply back to me. This lady has been searching for the
whereabouts of his father for a long time, and I'm sure if stopped for
a minute to think if it was our father, we wouldn't think twice
whether to try to find what happened.

Thank you in advance,
Avraham Yehoshua Kahana
Tel Aviv

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