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Karen Cole <karen@...>

Hello, this is my first posting to ROM-SIG

I am trying to find information on my grandfather John NASTUK and his
brother Fredrick NASTUK. Obviously these names have been anglicized. My
grandfather was born in Bessarabia around 1893, I believe his brother was
one or 2 years old than him. They arrived in Canada around 1910 though I
can find no records to support this. They left parents and I think 1 brother
behind in Bessarabia. In 1920 my grandfather married a Canadian woman and
on his marriage certificate it lists his parents as John NASTUK and Marie
URHUK. His brother married in 1921 and his marriage certificate lists his
parents as John NASTUK and Marie WISCEK. The names are handwritten so it
is difficult to make out the spelling of Marie's last name.

I have not been able to find any information regarding his arrival in Canada
or his departure or any of his history >from Bessarabia. I would be grateful
for any help that I could get.

Thank-you in advance.

Karen Cole
Ajax, Ontario, Canada

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