Re: Jewish Records in Romania #romania


Dear Lisbeth,

The site that you have looked is only in its earliest formation. It
will probably be several years at least before it is fully functional,
and there will be an English language link, too. This was the
information given to us by Dr. Dobrincu at the Philadelphia Conference.
The economy in Romania is also in a free fall, so it may even be longer
than that till they have the funds to do what Dr. Dobrincu hopes to have
available eventually.

As he has said it is still necessary for anyone outside of the country,
who cannot come in person, to make use of researchers in the country.
He could not, or would not, name any for us. There is simply not enough staff
or funds to handle mail requests for research or documents.

For those who plan to go to Romania he has now done away with the old
law that required that one write months in advance to request permission
to enter the Archives. Anyone can now do that. There are also copy
machines, where one is permitted to make 1000 copies for the amazing
fee of 20 cents! And digital cameras are now permitted. In addition,
one can now request 15 files in a day, up >from the previous limit of
10. So he is slowly making small steps in a very difficult , and
often hostile environment.

Rosanne Leeson
Los Altos, CA USA
saraga lisbeth wrote:

Hello all,
It seems that at present only Romanian are able to obtain copies of
documents >from the "Arhivele Nationale"(AN) for the following reason.
By clicking on the <Modele de cereri>(request models) appearing on the home
page on the right side one gets to various forms. The petitioner is asked to
identify himself and specify his address as follows: town, street, number,
code and <judetul>. Never the country.
Lisbeth Saraga
Paris, France

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