These are the available data about my late relatives:
Great grand-father Mordechai SCHWANN/SCHWAM lived in Ukraine
(Bukovina?) around 1885-90 and was a horse merchant dealing with
Belarus market. His son Marko SCHWAM moved to Wien, where he
started his trade business and got married to Helena SEIDMANN
in Wien Synagogue about 1904-5. This couple moved however to Kizliv
(Kisslew)- once Austrian Empire and Romania after 1918,
where my uncle Julian was born in 1906 and my mother Sali Clara in
Dec.1912-Jan. 1913. Her passport indicates her identity as Romenian. But
I can not find Kisslew/Kizliv in Romania map.

Is this of any help to find birth, marriage and death registrations?
Thanks a lot for your help.
Warm greetings. Aida Gisela


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