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We have updated a few pages on our Radauti Blog
(, displaying the "Jewish Files of Radauti".

I would like to bring to your attention the post "Repatriates
March/April 1946", a section we have recently created. Just names and
border crossing dates, but the names of 10,673 repatriates, mainly Jews
from Northern Bukovina, those Jews, who survived Transnistria and the
Holocaust. The listings and documents, available for download as Excel
Files (in chronological or/and alphabetical order), are located at

I also want to bring your attention the second updated post "The King,
Antonescu and the Jews", the report on a visit of King Michael,
accompanied by Marshal Ion Antonescu, in Radauti in July 1941. It is
located at

Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!

Edgar Hauster (Lent/Netherlands)

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