Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania #romania

Sergio G. Rosarios

I would very much appreciate any recommendations or ideas on how to contact
the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get a copy of the file
of my Romanian GGF, he was issued a Romanian passport back in 1910´s and I
would like to find out which information they have on file (eg. birth
records, etc.)
Should I hire a lawyer in Bucharest? any ideas?
Please respond to me privately.
Thank you so much

Sergio G. Rosarios
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Researching: ROSENBERG and SPITZER >from Pitesti, Romania

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Before hiring anyone in Romania to assist in your research,
please contact the rom-sig coordinators first. There are researchers
who should be avoided. rom-sig oordinators can be found at

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