Hirlau #romania


Dear Reba,

Here is the Hirlau shtetlink site:

http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/hirlau/hirlau.htm with much
information on Hirlau and a link to the Hirlau chapter in Pinkas
Hakellot Romania. I don't believe there is any other Yiskor book
for Hirlau.

Robert Zavos
Pittsburgh PA, USA
researching: Minter/Menzer/Mintzer, Poyaner, Terner - >from Bucecea,
Botosani, Herta

Does anyone know if there is a Yizkor book or any other material written
(in English) about the Jewish community in the town of Harlau/Hirlau?

Thank you.
Reba Wynn Laks
Lake Hill, NY

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