Calarasi Cemetery and Synagogue Project #romania


I have access to some people who are willing to take pictures of every gravestone in the Calarasi cemetery and photos of every page of any genealogical significant book found at the cemetery or in the Synagogue. These people are very trustworthy (they did the Orhei cemetery and cemetery book for me a couple of years ago). They charge 25 cents for each photo (in Orhei the money was given to the Jewish community and used to fix the cemetery which had been flooding for years). I don't know how many gravestones there are (I am guessing 1000-2000) and don't know if there are any useful books. My guess is that we would need to raise $500-1000 for this project.

I will set up a fundraising project through Jewishgen (and give them the go-ahead) ONLY IF I get enough pledges to make it a possibility. If you are willing to help send me an email to with the amount that you are willing to pledge. If I get enough support I will then set up the fundraising mechanism through Jewishgen. If I don't get enough support I wonj't go ahead with the project.

Terry Lasky
Centennial, CO
MODERATOR NOTE: There are only 4 researchers for Calarasi(now in Moldova) listed in
the JGFF yet in 1939 there were over 3000 Jews! There is also a wonderful Shtetlink

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