Mike's response is accurate, for Russia. However, in Galicia, the two
names are derived >from different roots and have different meanings, both
artificial and probably assigned. The following is my response to the inquiry:

Hi Diane,
According to Alexander Beider's book A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames >from
Galicia, they are two different names. HERSCHENFELD is derived >from the
root surname HERSHFELD or HIRSCHFELD, and artificial surname >from the German
for deer + field. GERSCHENFELD is derived >from the root surname GERSTENNFELD
German for barley field. However, in Russian, there is no letter H and
therefore it would begin with a G and would be the same surname. It comes down
to where the family lived. If they were in Galicia, but then moved to
Russia, the spelling would have changed, but the meaning remained the same. If
in Galicia, then there are two different meanings. Hope this is more helpful
than it is confusing.

Saul Zeichner

Researching ZEICHNER >from Kolomea; STUP >from Sadagura; DIVAK/DIVOCK >from
Grodno and KASHARSKI >from Kamenka

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