Basic U.S. Jewish Genealogy Course: July 15 #romania


This Course focuses on U.S. immigrant ancestors and their immediate
families. It includes 6 online text lessons which you can read/download
at your own pace. The BASIC course does not include research beyond
what is available in United States libraries, archives, and other local
sources. The syllabus is detailed at

The course is essentially a personal mentoring program through our
online FORUM. Students post an ancestral branch, set goals for their
research, and work one on one with the instructor.

If you've researched census, manifests and vital records and still do
not have information on your immigrant ancestors, please consider the
Intermediate Course (Breaking Brick Walls in the U.S.). Once you have
found names and dates and former shtetls for your immigrant ancestors,
you might consider the Advanced course (Using jewishGen to FindYour
Ancestral Roots).

Basic Requirements: Students must be comfortable browsing the Internet
and downloading files. To best utilize this class, we suggest students
have 8-10 hours per week to read the lessons, sample the websites and
interact with the FORUM.

Tuition for Basic Genealogy is $80. Go to,
read about the classes and their requirements, and click on enroll. The
course fee is waived if you qualify for the Value Added Services having
made a $100 donation to JewishGen's General Fund within the past 12
months; you can then enroll at no additional charge (the system will
recognize you and will not ask for a credit card). For questions, please
email JewishGen-Education@...

Nancy Holden, Instruction Manager, JewishGen Inc
Phyllis Kramer, VP Education

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