Eastern Europe For-Fee Researchers #romania


Fellow Genners,

Many of you may recall that during the past couple of months we
worked on a Jewishgen-hosted project to solicit inputs, >from
fellow SIG-members, who have had positive experiences dealing
with "for-fee" eastern-Europe genealogists/researchers. The purpose
of the undertaking was to provide Genners with an option to obtain
help when they simply don?t have the necessary patience, time,
experience, or language skills to make headway on their own.

Such a list of researchers has been compiled as an INFOFILE
and is now available on http://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/researchers.htm .
It represents responses >from quite a few individual Genners who
have had favorable experiences dealing with these eastern Europe
researchers. It is not however, an official JewishGen list of
recommendations since JewishGen does not, independently check on
the veracity and completeness of the data.

We hope you find the list useful, and we will endeavor to add
entries as they become available >from any and all eastern Europe
SIG members. If you have had such experiences that you wish to
contribute, please share them with me (Peter Haas - ppeett@...).
Additional caveats, and cautions about hiring genealogists can be
found on http://www.jewishgen.org/infofiles/profgen.html.

Peter Haas----Northern California

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