Searching GOLDFINE relatives #romania


Little by little, I keep discovering "new" items of interest...

I have previously posted a message re my GOLDFINE relatives; here is
more information:

My greatgrandmother, Sarah SHORE, nee GOLDFINE,OBM, had a sister Gittel,
OBM, (who married Feitel LERNER, OBM), a sister Chava, OBM, and a
brother,Mendel OBM.

They lived in Bessarabia, now known as Moldova.

I've been told that Chava's/ Mendel's (I'm not sure which) descendants
moved to New York.

I'd like very much to find GOLDFINE relatives, but have had no success
thus far.

Please contact me by e-mail at:, if any of the above
looks/sounds familiar...!!

Thank you!!

Sarah Lasry

P.S. OBM stands for Of Blessed memory.

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