Ferman from Ramnicu Sarat #romania


I'm hoping that someone in this list might be able to give me some research tips
regarding researching Romanian records and also help me with Romanian names. I've
done a huge amount of research on my Polish/Russian relatives so I'm familiar with
Hebrew/Yiddish names and naming traditions but I'm at a total loss when it comes
to transliteration of Romanian names.

I am researching my grandfather Joseph FERMAN's (spelled in various records also
as FEHRMANN, FERMEN, FERMANN) family who lived in Ramnicu Sarat. I have a lot of
information about him once he got to Pittsburgh PA with his two sisters, Adelle
and Sarah in 1905 and 1906 but have been unable to locate his family or him in
Romania. Family history says that his father's name was Wolf and that the family
owned a large grain farm in Ramnicu Sarat and was very wealthy. They were able to
own land because Wolf's brother was a high ranking officer in the army. Family
lore also says that Wolf traveled back and forth to Paris to sell grain and that
he asked a Rabbi to find him a wife.The Rabbi did, and Wolf married a woman whose
last name was PHILLIPI(?). Supposedly, the family name in Romania sounded like
FERMINESCUE. Also verbal history says that the family emigrated >from Spain due
to the Inquisition via North Africa to Turkey ( Romania).

The only other information that I have is that Joseph had a brother--name unknown--
who lived in London and was killed during WWII when a nearby airbase was bombed.
It's also said that Joseph lived with him for 1 1/2 years before he emigrated to
the US in 1905.

One interesting thing is That Joseph and his sister Adelle's children had very
similar names: His kids were Harvey, Alvin, and Vernon.Her kids were Harry,
Henry , Albert, Joseph. It looks like their names could be related.
The Yiddish/Hebrew names appear to be: Henry is derived >from Hyman (in 1920
Henry's name was Hyman but later he went by Henry) , Harry and Harvey >from Hirsh,
and Alvin and Albert >from Avraham. I'm guessing that Joseph and his sister named
their kids after the same relatives which could be helpful as far as finding
records in Romania.

Joseph b circa 1885
Adelle b circa 1884
Sarah b circa 1888

Any suggestions as to how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

Joanne Sanes Kompanek

Sarat Romania,London-> Pittsburgh PA,Gary IN,CA,
GELBMAN (GEHLMAN) Romania-> Pittsburgh PA and Ohio

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