Bessarabia Revision List update #romania


The Romania-Moldova SIG wishes to congratulate Yefim Kogan and his
dedicated team of volunteers for the latest update to the Bessarabia Revision

This update contains 12,733 records >from Kishinev; Kaushany, Kriulyany,
Teleneshty, Orgeev, Konstantinovka, Nikolaevka-Blagodata, Shibka Romanenko,
Lyublin, Dombroveny, Valya-luy-Vlad, Lomachinets, Vertyuzhany, Novoselitsa
and Soroki and was take in 1854. There are now a total of 22,075 records
online in the Bessarabia Revision Lists >from 21 towns in Bessarabia.

The Bessarabia Revision Lists can be accessed at or

The Romania Moldova Databases total records online is now over 680,000

People who can translate / transliterate Russian are needed so that we can
add more records to the databases. Please contact me at
if you wish to volunteer.

Bob Wascou
Research Coordinator
Rosanne Leeson
Stephanie Weiner
Romania-Moldova SIG

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