1. A newcomer to Romanian research ! Rishkan/Rascani and Brichevo #romania


Dear Ralph,

I am probably the major researcher of Brichevo. I document it and
reconstruct as much as I can and many researchers approach me with
questions that I am happy to answer if I can.

I built a shtetl page and translated Necrology list that appears in
JewisgGen. Take a look at it.
Also, there are records of Brichevo residents in JewisgGen in Ukraine
and Romania databases.

If you need more info or wish to share the Brichevo names that you
research - feel free to contact me.

Ayana Kimron

Subject: A newcomer to Romanian research ! Rishkan/Rascani =A0and Brichevo
From: salinger@kfar-ruppin.org.il
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 10:29:55 +0300
X-Message-Number: 1

Dear Genners,

I am trying to help a distant relation discover his Roumanian roots and I
know nothing about Roumanian Jewish genealogy.

Are they any souces about the Jewish Communites of Rishkan/Rascani =A0and
Brichevo ?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.,

Many thanks,

Ralph Salinger
Coordinator Kaunas District Reseach Group

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