Need help translating from Russian #romania


I've posted a photo postcard, front and back, in Russian for which
I need a full translation, for both the message on the back of the
card dated November 14, 1925, and the woman sender's last name. The
woman holding a bouquet notes that she is living in "Romania,
Bassarabia, Orhei," and is sending this card to her brother and
sister-in-law. Clearly it was enclosed in a letter. I am particularly
interested in this woman's last name, which I cannot make out, and
another part of the message that is not clear to me. Without her last
name, I cannot figure out who's sister she was. Feel free to add any
additional comments on her dress or the photo or her writing style.

The translation I have thus far reads:

"To remember me by to my dear brother and sister-in-law.
from your [?] sister and sister-in-law
Rahil [last name]"

front (image):

back (handwritten message):

Thank you,

Patricia Klindienst
Guilford, CT

SPIWAK /SPIVAK of Orgeyev & Kishinev, Bessarabia;
Mendoza, Argentina; and Queens.
SCHAPOSCHNIK / ZAPOSNEK of Orgeyev, Kishinev, Elisavetgrad,
or Mendoza, Argentina; and their related names, SHAPIN, SHAPIRO
of Mendoza, Argentina, Chile, Canada, and the US.
SCHOCHETMAN of Odessa (who became SCHACHT in the US).
MILSTEIN of Orgeyev & Kishinev.
WOLMAN/VOLLMAN of Orgeyev, Kishinev, Capresti.
TSAREVKAN/CIRIFCAN/SARAFCONN of Orgeyev, Teleneshti, Uruguay,
becoming COHEN in the US.
BELINKSY of Odessa and Philadelphia.
KALIK of Orgeyev and Kishinev.
BURD/BORD of Chukelteny and Orgeyev, Bessarabia.

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