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Hi Sharon,

Vatra Dornei or DORNA VATRA was until 1918 part of Austro-Hungarian province
of Bukovina. So perhaps your ancestors were >from other Austrian places and
when left for US were living in Vatra Dornei.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

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I was just looking at the 1930 census where I found some information about
my great grandparents and great great grandmother that confuses me.

I was told, as well as seen it documented, that my great grandparents ( and
possibly my great great grandparents* ) were >from Vatra Dornei in Romania.
While looking at the 1930 census, it showed my great grandparents >from Zenta
(Senta), my great great grandmother >from I believe Bach and my great great
great grandparents >from Ried; all in Austria. The family listed under them
are shown to be >from what looks like it should be Iasi in Roumania.

My confusion stems >from (1) where is Zenta in relationship to Vatra Dornei
and (2) why are the neighbors >from Roumania and my family >from Austria?

* Some of my great great grandfather's siblings, based on documentation,
came >from Vatra Dornei, Czernovitz and Campulung.

Sharon F. Yampell
Reseacher #128890
Voorhees, NJ

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