BURDIN Ismayil/Braila #romania

Desiree Gil

For the past 12 years I have been researching my mother's family with
the hope that we would be able to learn more about her paternal side,
BURDIN >from Ismayil,Romania/Ukraine/Bassarabia. My mother has an
excellent memory and was very young when her parents divorced. I based
my research on her excellent memory and some limited information from
Yad Vashem.

Thanks to a Russian speaking researcher who I match through DNA
testing as a distant cousin, I learned that there was a Russian
website that listed my mother's father as having been sentenced by
the KGB to prison in 1951. Just below him was a first cousin who had
also been sentenced to prison for 25 years. This information was new
to us and shocking. It also explained why my mother never heard from
her father.

I was able to locate a third cousin in NY whose grandfather was the
other BURDIN sentenced to prison. My newly found third cousin and I
had corresponded over a year ago when I had a "hunch" we might be
connected. I finally was able to tie it all together.

Our first meeting was amazing. My mother met her second cousin (my
third cousin's mother) for the first time and they compared family
notes. My mother knew a great deal about their family as did her
cousin. They were able to fill in many holes in our family history.
After the war, their branch had been in the former USSR.

Most amazing to us was learning how some people died. I had always
been told my mother's family was >from Ismayil. I have my ggf listed on
one of the databases but not the rest of the family. I learned that
their branch was living in Braila, Romania. Indeed, I now have to
'rethink' where the family originated. I learned that my gggf, Solomon
Burdin died in the April 1903 Kishinev Pogrom. I learned that my ggf
had been killed by the Red Army sometime before 1920.
I have many new names that I am slowly adding to my tree as I try to
understand these new branches. I also have some more hunting of
additional BURDIN family that may have survived the war.

I need to hire a researcher to search Braila records for me and hope
for some more positive surprises.

Best wishes,
Desiree Gil
Boston, MA
Researching: BURDIN- Ismayil, Braila, Kishinev and more in the Romania
and Ukraine/Bassarabia; WEINTRAUB-Falticeni, Galati;
BRICMAN/ROTMAN-Piatra Neamt, Vatra Dornei and more.
STURLOVICI- Botosani, SUHAROVICI-Bucecea and more.

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