Indexing the 1940 Kishinev commercial yearbook #romania

Harvey Kabaker

Dear Bessarabers,

The "Anuarul Chisinaului 1940" -- the 1940 Kishinev commercial yearbook
-- is a listing of businesses, professionals, merchants, tradesmen,
artisans, associations, government offices and other occupations
compiled by the ARPID publishing house. At Yefim's request, I'm
coordinating a project to extract names and occupations of the Jewish
men and women -- or, at least, those with Jewish-sounding names -- into
a searchable online database.

You can see the publication in PDF format here:
(Original URL)

We need volunteers. We've begun by scanning online pages and putting the
text into a spreadsheet. The next phase is proofreading text, verifying
Jewish names and transliterating surnames into the most likely English
equivalent. You don't need to understand Romanian, but you will need to
use the Romanian keyboard on your PC to obtain characters with
diacriticals. You'll have a transliteration guide for reference.

You may work as little as an hour or two a week, at your own pace. For
more information without obligation or commitment, please write to me
directly. I'll send a sample of the work to be done, and you can decide
whether to help.

Harvey Kabaker

Added note:
You may be familiar with our earlier work on the 1924 Romanian business
directory, extracting Jewish names >from pages for Chisinau and the
former Bessarabian provinces then under Romanian control. The results
are posted on the Ukraine SIG Web site with a link >from

The records also are included in the searchable "JewishGen Romania
Database," which consists of records >from Romania and Moldova, at

Harvey Kabaker
Silver Spring, MD

Researching CUTLER, KOTLARSKY, SHAEFFER in Bila Tserkva;

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