Romanian death record on ViewMate -- translation help requested #romania

Renee Steinig

Thanks to the wonderful Czernowitz BMD database now at , I was able
to easily identify and obtain the Feb. 1924 death record of my
mother's first cousin, Hersch LEHR. Hersch was the young son of Eisig
LEHR and Rivka REIFER of Neuzuczka (Jucica-Noua). My mother, who was
then 15 and living with her Aunt Rivka's family, spoke many times of
this little boy, whose death she recalled with much sadness.

I have put the image on ViewMate...

I would especially like to know Hersch's age and/or birth date, his
burial place (Sadagura?), and the cause of his death, but I would be
very grateful to have a translation of all entries if possible.

Many thanks to Daniel Horowitz and all the volunteers involved with
creating the Czernowitz database and thank you in advance to anyone
who can help me understand my cousin's death record.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills, New York, USA

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