IACOB family, from Recea! #romania

Moisa Onisim <onisim.moisa@...>


My grandfather (the father of my mother), Ioan IACOB, born in
6.11.1927 in Recea town, Simleul Silvanei area, near the city of
Zalau, today is in the Salaj county, but back then I believe it
belonged to Maramures county...His father was Teodor(u) IACOB(U) and
his mother was Ludovica. His father, my grand-grandfather, was born in
14.04.1889, in Recea and his parents were Gavril and Ana. He died in
7.04.1973, in Carpinis town, Timis county.

I did some research, but is not easy. Would appreciate any help. Need
to connect the dots, somehow.

Thank you,
Onisim Moisa


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