Julie Rosenfield


I'm trying to trace the family tree of my ancestors >from Iasi, Romania and
wondered if anyone could help. The details I have are as follows:

My great-grandfather Sam ROSENFELD/ROSENFIELD (born Smil SLOIME) was born in
Iasi, Romania in 1861. His wife, my great-grandmother Rachel
ROSENFELD/ROSENFIELD (married name in Iasi, Rasel SLOIME), was born in
1864. I do not know her maiden name.

I can find no trace of a birth certificate for Smil SLOIME or a marriage
certificate for Smil and Rasel SLOIME and would dearly love to be able to
find these.

My grandfather, their son Jack ROSENFELD/ROSENFIELD (born Yanchel SLOIME)
was born in Iasi, Romania on 1887. His older sister Clara
ROSENFELD/ROSENFIELD (born Clara SLOIME and later became Clara ROSEN when
she married Isaac ROSEN in Manchester) was born 2 or 3 years earlier.

The family lived at 47 Eternitatea Street, Iasi, Romania.

Also listed as living in the same building are the witnesses on my
grandfather, Yanchel SLOIME'S (later Jack ROSENFELD/ROSENFIELD) birth
certificate in 1887.

I don't know if they were related to my family or not but would love to
find out.

Their names were:

Moise ZAHARIA, sixty five years of age, tailor (He would have been born in
Itic LEIBA, twenty-two years of age, profession shoemaker (He would have
been born in 1865).
Leiba, son of LEIBA, thirty years of age, profession water-carrier (He would
have been born in 1857).

The SLOIME family came to London some time before 1901 where they changed
their name to ROSENFELD and later to Manchester where it was changed to

If anyone has any information about any of the above, I would be most
interested to hear >from you.

Many thanks
Julie Rosenfield

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