ViewMate recognition - Goldenberg/Hoffman families - 1929 - Cardiff #romania

Myra Waddell

I tried posting this family photo 9 years ago to see whether someone
might recognise anyone, with no response, so, since I have now added
more information as to date, name of the birthday girl, etc., I thought
it was time to try again.

It can be reached on

The photo is of a family gathering to celebrate the 21st birthday of
Adella Blanchard in 1929, probably in Cardiff.

Della's grandmother was Etta Goldenberg (b. ca 1836 somewhere in
Romania) married to Aaron Hirsh Hoffman (b. ca 1835 Braila (Brailov)

Her parents were Rose (nee Hoffman) b. 1873 somewhere in France and Leon
Blanchard b. 1864 somewhere in Russia.

Can anyone recognise any person in this photo, besides Della? Maybe some
of these guests are part of your family.

Thanks in advance. Myra Waddell. South Australia.

BORKOVSKY - Kolno, Poland; Irkutsk, Siberia; Hailar and Harbin, China;
BORZIANSKY - Kamyanets-Podolskiy and Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
GOLDENBERG - Bucharest, Romania; Paris, France. England.
HOFFMAN - Braila and Bucharest, Romania.
UZNER/HAUSNER/OSNER/POSNER - Chotyn and Kishinev, Bessarabia/Romania.

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