Translators needed #romania

Bob Wascou

ROM-SIG needs people who can translate Romanian or German birth,
marriage or death records so that the translations can be place online
in the JewishGen Romanian database.

We especially need help with records >from Iasi and Bucharest Romania
and >from Campulung Moldovenesc, Gura Humorului, Radauti, Solca and
Suceava >from the Bucovina Region of Romania.

Please let me know what language you can help with and records from
which town you would like to work on by filling out the form at

We also need donations so that we can get more records >from Bucharest
and >from Iasi. Please donate at

Because we are not notified about your donation please let us know how
much you donated after you make your donation by filling out the form

Bob Wascou
ROM-SIG Research Coordinator

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