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Bob Wascou, a unique personality in the activity of the Rom-Sig, was a
friend of the members >from Romania and a good activist for every body. In my
activity I helped him in translation of a book >from Iasi, and I felt his
Kindness and his dreaming wishes. I didn't know him, but in my mind I see
him like the late Alpert , good friend of mine, with the same feelings for
I regret >from my soul the disparition of Bob

Dr. Marcel Bratu Hamden

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Dear fellow Rom-SIGgers,

It is with heavy heart that I must tell you that our wonderful Research
Coordinator, Bob Wascou, has passed away. He was truly the very soul of
the Rom-SIG for so many years. His superb managerial skills, kindness,
gentleness, thoughtfulness and devotion to the SIG were beyond compare.
Those of us who have had the privilege of working with, and knowing him,
for so many years are deeply saddened, but determined to keep the SIG
running in a way that will honor Bob's memory. It will take a little
while till we pull matters together, but we hope that you will all bear
with us. We hope to set up a special fund for the Rom-SIG with an eye to
doing just that by allowing us to continue our research efforts. We will
let everyone know when that has been arranged with JewishGen.

There is a very beautiful tribute to Bob, placed on his Facebook site, by
his son.

May his memory be a blessing for us all!
Rosanne Leeson
Co-Coordinator Rom-SIG

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