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T. Halpern

Hi Luc,

I have the book "Departures: Beyond Recognition" and I have read it. About
one-third of the novel is set in 19th Century Romania. The story begins in
Romania (in the town of Galati), moves to France, then back to Romania, and
finally back to France. IMHO, the story does give one an idea of what life
was Jewish life was like in Romania of that era.

To paraphrase another source (albeit unknown), "RTFB"!


Todd Halpern
Rockville, MD

2. Re: Jewish Life in Botosani

Subject: Re: Jewish Life in Botosani
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 20:44:08 -0400
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To paraphrase Bibi N, better no book than a wrong book. I have not read
"Departures..." but just >from the publisher description below, I highly
one will get a good idea about Jewish life in 19th century
Moldavia/Romania. I am aware of only one book by G. Sternberg, a monograph
of Stefanesti, which could be of interest but it is mostly relevant to
post 1900.

I believe the best source of information are the entries in the YIVO
Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, published in 2008.

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