List of soldiers that served in the Romanian army - 1878 #romania

Sorin Goldenberg <soring0412@...>


In Rom-Sig newsletter, vol. 8, nr. 1, 2000, there's a list of soldiers
that participated in the Romanian independence war.
I am trying to determine the source of this list.
The list matches the one published in "Monitorul Oficial", nr.
255/1879 - the list of Jews that were naturalized following the war.
However, the Rom-Sig version contain an observation column, while the
observation column in "Monitorul Oficial" is empty.

Both list don't contain enough data to enable exact identification of
many of the people there. This is why I try to find the source to
Rom-Sig list.

Is anyone able to point me to this source?


Sorin Goldenberg


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