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deborah tremblay <debrose60@...>

Hello there,

I am presently diligently researching to find other family members
of my great-great-grandfather, Petri KMIEC. He was probably born
around 1845 in either Romania, or somewhere in the eastern part of
the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What I do know for certain is that he had a child, my great-grandmother,
Paulina KMIEC (married name: BEDNARSKA). She was born in 1879 in Romania
and died in 1940 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I have not found any information as to whether Petri had other children,
neither have I found a certain link as to the name of his wife, of their
birth/baptismal date or of both parents siblings or date and place death.
I know that his grandchildren were born in Romania before WWI. There was
an interesting addition written after his surname on the Birth/Baptismal
Certificate of one of his granddaughters. It reads, Petri KMIEC vel
CHMEDA. The document is >from a Cernauti Roman Catholic Church in
Romania for the year 1906. Wondering if those KMIECS honourably mentioned
as Rescuersa on Yad Vashem's ËśRighteous Among the Nation's" list, namely,
Piotr and his wife, Anna, are related to my family as well.

Also, needed is any information regarding either Ferdinand BEDNARSKI,
born in 1868, Susice, Hungarian Empire/ Inter war period, died in 1958,
Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was the spouse of the above Paulina KMIEC. Any
records about this man or his wife for the time period before they
immigrated to Canada (around 1920) would be appreciated very much.
Their children were: Anna CZEPIL, Eugenja SHOTROPA, Leontina SATO,
Maria SOLTYS, Elisabeth PENKOW and Wanda DICKIE.
Thank you,


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