Bistrita records help! #romania

Matthew Herzog <matthewherzog85@...>

I am researching an individual known to me as Bela Herzcovici. (I'm
pretty sure that the last name could also be spelled in a variety of
ways in English. I've also noticed that Herzcovitz could be a
contender.) I know that he was born on August 9th in either 1923 or
1926. On his US social security application, he wrote that he was born
in Bistritsa, Romania (the alternate/corrected place on Ancestry has
it as Bistrta). His parents were noted as being Nathan Herzcovici and
Jeni Furst. According to one story, Bela, a Jew, had at least one
sibling. This sibling and his mother both perished in the Holocaust,
but the location and date are unknown. Bela was also in the camp, but
survived and was liberated. He was then transported to Argentina where
he married, had a small family, divorced, and then moved to New York.
I suppose I'd like to know where to start with my research. My goal at
the moment is to try and find a record to solidify when and where Bela
was born. Do I want to try and find Bela's birth record? Which would
be best, the civil or synagogal? Where do I look for that information?
Is there an easy way to access vital records in that particular region
of Romania?

My simple searches of a couple of Holocaust databases aren't proving
that Jeni was ever interred in a camp, but I'm sure they're incomplete
given the magnitude of the Holocaust.

Thank you in advance for your time!

Matthew Herzog
Orlando, Florida

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