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Archives, where located for town of Galati, (Galaz), Romania
Hi Bob:

I was able to get family records >from 1930s in Bucharest by using an
Apostille application. Needed a notarized letter that I sent to the
Secretary of State of California (where I lived) for further validation
before sending it on to a friend of a friend in Romania who dropped it off
at the correct records office. It helps if you include a Romanian, not just
English, version of who you are, how you are related to the person in
question, and that you will only use the information for genealogical
purposes so they don't think you want to claim property. Your relative can
deliver your documents to the Galati records office directly and request
that the results be sent to you. I don't know where Galati records are kept.

Here's the Apostille info >from Florida's secretary of state. You MUST use
this form or the SOS will returned the document to you for a do-over.

Best of luck,
~Eden Weber
San Francisco, CA

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