Research family AISENGART #romania

Lemberski Evelyne

Research family AISENGART

I would like to know if two persons on the voters list for the Duma in 1906
Besserabia have a family connection with Rata Ihilevna AISENGART (great
grandmother) married to Reisl Low Efraim (or Froim) GURFINCHEL (great grand
father) living in Soroca.

Sender Moshkovich AYZENGART living in Soroca

Moshko Sandlerovoch AYZENGART living in Soroca

Rata Ihilevna AISENGART and Reisl Low Efraim (or Froim) GURFINCHEL
were born in the years 1865/1880.

I am seeking more information about this AYZENGART family
living in Soroca, that is to say the nature of the family relationship,
date of birth, marriage and death, occupation?

Thank you to please contact me at the following address:

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