Re: Additions to the Bucovina Vital Records Database #romania

Bruce Reisch

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to announce another update to the Bucovina Vital Records
Project. With the addition of 1,235 Radauti death records (1877-1887),
188 Solka death records (1896-1910), and 314 Suceava marriage records
(1877-1887), we now have more than 17,290 records online. For their
careful, time-consuming efforts to transcribe these records into
electronic form, we again thank Yossi Yagur, Martina Lelgemann, Edgar
Hauster, and Edna Loebel.

The database is more completely described here, and you will find a link
from this page to the Search page as well:

Good luck!

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, New York

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